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Warren Lawrence

Since filling in on a rainy St. Patrick’s Day overnight shift in 1973, Warren has worked in every capacity of the radio industry, including on-air duties, management, sales, sports, production, and news.

Frank Auringer

I started as an intern at WKNY in May of 1999 in the news department. Quickly earning my first radio paycheck that summer running the board on Sunday mornings and Yankee games in the evenings. In time, my duties shifted to…

Dan Reinhard

Dan chats about sports with guests of local and national interest every Monday night on Sport Talk!

Adam Alberts

Adam is slotted as DJ and Producer on Saturday and Sunday mornings, also filling in on holidays and wherever else needed.

Frank Nazzara

Host of The Italian Show every Sunday.

Ken Brett and Bill Yosh

Hosts of The Irish Show with Ken and Bill.

Ward Todd

Former morning man at WKNY and current president and CEO of the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce.

Hans Safer

Host of The German Show on Sundays.

Steve Adamczyk

Host of Polka Time Sundays.

Reverend Charles Stickley

Host of Morning Meditations on Sundays.

Minister Odane

Minister from the Kingston Community Church of God, 7th Day.

Shayne Gallo and Ed Ford

Shayne Gallo in the former Mayor of Kingston and Ed Ford is an author.

Ed Gaddy and John Crispell

Hosts of Right Time Radio on Fridays.


A wide-variety of guest hosts broadcast unique and exciting programming on WKNY.