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Hillary Harvey

Hillary Harvey is the host of the weekly news program The Source with Hillary Harvey. Each Friday, she offers a wrap up of the week’s news and discusses the issues and questions that face the City of Kingston with guests who are in the know.

Ulster County Italian American Foundation

Tutto Italiano! is hosted and produced by the Ulster County Italian American Foundation, including President Tony Marmo and members Gabriele Euvino, Frank Casciaro, Johnny Ciao (Persico), Nick Alba, and Mary Tuma.

Joe Concra and Kathleen Murray

O+ executive director Joe Concra, communications director Kathleen Murray, and RadiO+ creator Rob Galgano host the O+ Radio Hour, a weekly conversation on art, music, wellness, and activism at the intersection of community.

Rita Vanacore

Rita Vanacore has been an uptown Kingston business owner, an educator, and an engaged community activist for more than forty years. She has created the Planet Seniors radio show in dedication to the idea that senior citizens should be equally valued as contributing members of our community.

Rachel Loshak

Rachel Loshak is the host of Stories On Sundays, a program for children and families featuring stories and songs from fairy and folk tales to myths and legends as well as stories with a connection to our local heritage and history. 

Morgan Taylor

Creator of the Gustafer Yellowgold family music video series, Morgan brings his blend of sophisticated musicality and whimsical childview to Radio Kingston for his weekly family music show, “RadioCake.”

Shana Falana and Theresa Widmann

Bringing you stories by women, for women and about women, Shana and Theresa will be reminding us all to celebrate our sisters and to lift them up whenever we can. When women rise, we all rise.

Kevin Godbey

Kevin Godbey is the co-host of the weekly program Kingston Happenings which provides information about upcoming events in the Kingston area every Tuesday evening.

Frank Waters

Frank Waters is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of MyKingstonKids, a community organization that was created to assist parents of Kingston, NY in providing children with the support needed to bring out the best in them.

Mariel Fiori and Antonio Flores-Lobos

Mariel Fiori and Antonio Flores-Lobos co-host La Voz, a two-hour Spanish language show providing information, interviews, music and humor for Kingston’s vibrant Hispanic community.

Eric Francis Coppolino

Each Sunday night at 10 pm, Eric Francis Coppolino opens the airwaves to discussion of astrology, politics, sexuality and relationships, accompanied by music and interviews.

Sharif Abdus-Salaam

Sharif Abdus-Salaam is the host of Jazz in the Valley, a weekly musician and culture appreciation program focused on the phenomenal American musical expression style known as Jazz.

Callie Jayne

Callie Jayne is the host of Rise Up Radio, a weekly talk  music program that highlights the issues that are impacting our everyday lives, bringing out perspectives that aren’t always heard and guiding us to work collectively to all rise up together.

Jimmy Buff

Jimmy Buff hosts “Jimmy Buff Loves You,” a mix of music, conversation that matters, information and… more music (because the revolution needs dancing too!).

Darlene Kelley

Rev. Darlene Kelley hosts “Good Morning, Beloved”, a Sunday morning show that explores theological possibility and journey with spirit.

Warren Lawrence

Since filling in on a rainy St. Patrick’s Day overnight shift in 1973, Warren has worked in every capacity of the radio industry, including on-air duties, management, sales, sports, production, and news.

Frank Auringer

I started as an intern at WKNY in May of 1999 in the news department. Quickly earning my first radio paycheck that summer running the board on Sunday mornings and Yankee games in the evenings. In time, my duties shifted to…

Dan Reinhard

Dan chats about sports with guests of local and national interest every Monday night on Sport Talk!

Adam Alberts

Adam is slotted as DJ and Producer on Saturday and Sunday mornings, also filling in on holidays and wherever else needed.

Ken Brett and Bill Yosh

Hosts of The Irish Show with Ken and Bill.

Ward Todd

Former morning man at WKNY and current president and CEO of the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce.

Hans Safer

Hans explores a wide variety of Germanic sounds on The German Hour. To make the program more accessible for non-German speakers, Hans broadcasts primarily in English. “You don’t have to speak German to enjoy the music.” 

Steve Adamczyk

Host of Polka Time Sundays.

Reverend Charles Stickley

Host of Morning Meditations on Sundays.

Minister Odane

Minister from the Kingston Community Church of God, 7th Day.

Shayne Gallo

Shayne Gallo is the former Mayor of Kingston.

Nadine Ferraro

Hosts of The Happy Hour.

Ed Gaddy and John Crispell

Hosts of Right Time Radio on Fridays.