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Code of On Air Conduct

Radio Kingston is committed to supporting and celebrating a just, healthy, and vibrant Kingston, operating on principles of mutual respect, collaboration, and civic participation.

Radio helps us rediscover our common story, shared meaning, and renews our connection to our home and to each other. This is a place for radical imagination — a confidence in our collective ability to build, create, and connect. We share a conviction that a more equitable, balanced, and joyful world is possible, and that it will one day emerge as a result of our collective efforts. With this spirit in mind, the following guidelines should be observed at all times:

  1. Always act with honesty and with integrity.
  2. Be respectful: to the people you talk with and talk about.
  3. Be positive. We all want Kingston to succeed.
  4. Be informed. Know what you’re talking about. Don’t speculate; know.
  5. Be civil. We encourage the civil exchange of ideas and viewpoints. Our goal is to bring people together through understanding different perspectives, not further the divide.
  6. Refrain from use of derogatory terms for race, culture, gender, sexuality, class, etc. There is zero tolerance for racial epithets or demeaning language on-air
  7. Slander is real. The litigation that follows is real. You can be held accountable for what you say on the air.

Please be sure to communicate these guidelines to  your guests before each broadcast, as both you and your guest(s) (and anyone else on your program) are required to abide by each of them. Serious or repeated violations of these guidelines may result in corrective action, up to and including suspension or termination of an individual or an entire program.