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Adam Alberts

On a February morning in 2010, Adam Alberts called WKNY’s contest line with the correct answer to the station’s weekday sports trivia show. In addition to winning some Valentine’s Day candy for his (at the time) sweetheart, Adam was also spontaneously invited by morning host Warren Lawrence to come tour the WKNY studio… and he’s been there ever since. Currently, Adam is slotted as DJ and Producer on Saturday and Sunday mornings, also filling in on holidays and wherever else needed. He assumes the role of the “go-to-guy”, providing assistance for all WKNY projects, whether on-air, or outside the studio. A veteran of the U.S. Army, Adam was born and raised in Kingston, and also periodically participates in community theatre programs with Kingston’s Coach House Players. Adam finds fun in every moment at WKNY, and is never seen in studio without a big smile, or at least a questionable grin.