Hello listeners! Hello! Happy gratitude week. Shana is calling in from the road, she's in the middle of her tour and at her mom's in Oregon on the west coast. We are wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving, and we talk about gratitude today. Shana is grateful that her mom got to she her perform for the FIRST TIME in Eugene Oregon last night. Can you imagine?! Theresa shares about the yoga class that she's teaching ON Thanksgiving at her studio, Anahata in Kingston, and also that she will be doing her best to let 'the men' cook the dinner tomorrow while she relaxes, what a good feminist haha.

Our first guest is Nada Khodlova a licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Board Certified Dance Movement Psychotherapist. Nada has served so many over the years in a clinical setting and is now bringing the healing art of dance to women and girls as The Dancing Web.   Dance was a healing source for her early on. She was very self conscious of her body as a young person, and studying dance helped her move into her discomfort and feel more comfortable in her own skin. Dance therapy works because the body, mind and spirit are connected, everything we experience is stored in our body, she discusses how words can't capture everything, so movement is more direct as a therapy, finding stories, sharing stories through movement. She shares about working in an adult psychiatric wing of a hospital, mostly dealing with crisis patience, and helped develop an arts therapy program. She also shares about some workshops she has coming up in Beacon NY info: HERE.

Our second guest is Andrya Ambro of the band Gold Dime. Shana met her when she was doing sound for the Kim Gordon / Body-Head show at BSP last July. She was previously in a band called Talk Normal, and has done sound at Tonic and the Kitchen in NYC. As a female sound engineer she's a rarity!!! After majoring in jazz performance at NYU she developed her own sound, and being a drummer who primarily stands while drumming, she really stood out. She talks about having to work extra hard as a kid with learning disabilities, and also admits that she loves to practice, but performing is terrifying for her, but she moves through her fear, she doesn't let it hold her back. Her sound is very experimental and angular, she writes all the music and has her band play what she wrote and then she plays drums and sings, it's really incredible, check out her interview!

Not only is tomorrow Thanksgiving, but it's a FULL MOON tomorrow night so after you're done with your meal, don't forget to make time for your Full Moon ritual. It's time for the women to bring back the sacred rituals that have been lost over time. Eat and be merry, and listen to your belly to know when it's full. Happy Thanksgiving!

We heard music from Shana Falana and Gold Dime and a clip from the documentary film, She's beautiful when she's angry. Today's show was engineered by Manuel Blas.

Next week we welcome, Sarah Bisceglie and Jeanne Brooks, business consultants and heart centered innovators. Until next week, love yourself and uplift one another!