Hello! It's Theresa's bday today YAY! We played an audio recording of Shana and Mike singing her happy bday, haha... Love celebrating Theresa.

Theresa was journaling this morning about doubt... What is doubt good for? Why does it exist? Are we living in doubt about everything? Somethings? Is it telling us something? Does have any purpose? We discuss! It turns out that Shana has some interesting perspective on the benefits of doubt... go Shana! Doubt can signal to us that we are having an intuition, a mis-trust (doubt) can be helpful if navigating a decision that needs to be made. Maybe there is doubt if something is not aligned with your values or your true self.... doubt can signal "hey, I don't know about this, before you decide take a deeper look" so yes, doubt is useful... there ya go! Then how do we move forward with doubts that AREN'T helpful... well Shana suggests that we grab it by the hand and move forward, in moving forward we're not stuck in doubt, we're just moving forward with the fear, in search of hope. Always, in search of hope.


Jennifer Dignon of Heart Child Yoga is our first guest today. She is a yoga teacher and therapist here in the Hudson Valley, working mostly with kids and kids with special needs.  She grew up in a challenging Catholic School environment, a sensitive child, certainly not around a yogic-environment which has helped her to better understand the needs of children. Before she became a yoga teacher, she was a teacher for special needs kids, traveling to homes and schools, with young children ages 3-5. She always brought yoga into the work that she did and explains how it helps to make the children feel better and relax. She talks about how children are often misunderstood, about how their abilities BECOME disabilities from adults and educators perspectives, which she consistently works to redefine. Using yoga, sound healing, dance, essential oils, and her Conscious Support Method of tapping into the children's feelings in the present moment, she is really able to serve these special humans who she refers to as her gurus. Jennifer teaches private and group classes in the Hudson Valley and is an inspiration to us all.

Our second guest today is Lara Hope. Lara a local Hudson Valley touring musician. Her band is Lara Hope and the Ark-Tones.They just got on a whirlwind tour opening for Brian Setzer of the band The Stray Cats. It's definitely the biggest tour she's ever been on. Shana has known Lara for over 10 years and got to ask her about her growing success, hard work ethic and ability to keep moving forward. Lara shares how getting the booking agent of her dreams who focuses on roots music was the missing piece of the puzzle and how it was the swing dancing parents of one of the agent's assistants who were the squeaky wheel in getting them signed. Hear the story of a super fan who saved their van and their show in Hudson, and Lara's favorite story from someone who benefited from their music when they were overseas in a military barracks. Lara talks about supporting female fronted bands and being around women on tour which can be a rarity. And buy yourself a "I love you more than I did yesterday because yesterday you pissed me off.." t-shirt which is a big fave of Lara's fans. She leaves for tour again later this January, check out her dates HERE.

Self care is all about cake today! Well sort of. Theresa is serenaded by friends and co-workers with chocolate cake, but then we do get into it with self-care wisdom by Lara Hope. Neurofeedback, talk-therapy, nutrition and yoga are what she turns to. Theresa is back to journaling, her own form of talk therapy, and of course, cake.

Today's show was engineered by Manuel Blas. We heard a clip from the film RBG, Lara Hope and the Ark-Tones and Shana Falana.

Next week we have therapist and film producer, Marcina Hale of Reconsider and musician, Molly Hamilton of Widows Peak. Until then, love yourself and uplift one another!