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Extra+Ordinary: The Fight for Reproductive Justice


Trailer - Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Trailer - Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Reproductive rights and abortion access have been under attack, but there's hope if you know where to look ... starting with the past. Get a sneak peek of the stories we'll tell on this new narrative show hosted by writer and activist Carolyn Silveira.

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About the Show

Extra+Ordinary is a despair-free podcast about abortion & reproductive justice that looks to the past – to fuel our fight for the future.


The anti-abortion, anti-contraception, anti-women’s-rights movement has been a snowball gaining speed since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. The situation may seem dire, but without hope, very few of us will take action.


We’re here to give you that hope. To remind you of all the times we’ve won.

Join host Carolyn Silveira, a writer and social justice advocate, for inspiring stories of the people and moments that changed history, giving women (and all people) more control over our bodies and lives. From an evangelical doctor who became an abortion provider to “nice housewives” who risked jail time to help other women, we’ll learn how ordinary people can do extraordinary things.


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Produced by Carolyn Silveira and Jennifer Bassett

Theme music by Katrina Zemrak, Cover art by Mauricio Diaz

Recorded at Radio Kingston

Hosted By: