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Eric Francis Coppolino

Eric Francis Coppolino is the longtime astrologer for Chronogram. His horoscope has run in every issue of the magazine since May 1996. He serves the Omega Institute as its horoscope writer, which he’s done since 2007.

Last March, he was appointed daily horoscope columnist for The New York Daily News, appearing in every print edition and online. His columns have also been featrued in British publications the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail — the only American horoscope writer to have that distinction.

He was recently profiled by The New York Times — the fifth time the newspaper has covered his writing career or stories he’s broken.

Coppolino is regarded as one of the leading journalists covering chemical issues, specializing in the history and corporate crimes of Monsanto, Westinghouse and General Electric. Locally he’s best known for his years of coverage of the SUNY New Paltz PCB explosions, for which he won a first place award for news feature writing. He’s also covered public higher education, liquor industry marketing and regulation, medical and nursing education, and government on the local, state and federal levels.