Yes, Yes Y'all...Today proved that the warm weather is officially here to stay. This set has big suns out skins out vibes. Dancehall, afro-beat reggeaton, brown and black spoken word. All love here baby! I also talked about abortion, abortion funds, and the hyde amendment that leaves black, brown, indigenous, and poor people out of any abortion coverage. bleh. SO there is that, pero there is also really really good music in this episode.


some artists I highlighted:

  • Clones - Tierra whack
  • Ekg - fleet.dream aj magic
  • Free - Reyna biddy
  • Champion - Liam bailey
  • Escudo de Tambo - bulla en el barrio
  • Let me do my thing- Los dinamicos exciters y ralph weeks
  • For my NDN relations- the groovalottos
  • Just one kiss - Coco solid
  • Brown babies - Rocky Rivera
  • Shorty pt. 3 - Deem Spencer
  • Sailor moon - LAYA
  • Uptown- CHA WA
  • Bailando, Gozando - QUITAPENAS