Hosted by Susan Grove

After exploring the meaning and importance of community investment with Lauren Mathis, I’d concur with the way she describes herself on LinkedIn, as a restorative finance visionary working on creative solutions for the next economy. In this episode, we learn about community investment as an alternative to the Wall Street investments made by the 1% that siphon wealth and power out of our local communities. Community investment creates access to investing for the 99% to bring needed capital to local challenges and opportunities. Community investment is a way to build local economic wealth, power and resilience in ways that are aligned with values like those of the Just Transition framework. With awareness of her own privilege, Lauren started thinking about this work in a broad way - how might shifting flows of capital be a lever for social justice? - and got energized when she learned of viable, tangible initiatives focused on doing just that. Now she is directly involved in designing community investment funds with hyper-local initiatives like the GWI Kingston Community Designed Fund, Mid-Hudson Energy Transition, and Hudson Valley Solidarity Investing Club of the Hudson Valley Prosperity Network, as well as in the context of global forest communities with Capitol Lab Innovations. If you’d like to learn more, you can reach out to Lauren via LinkedIn...she would love to hear from you!

Lauren Mathis is currently studying for her MBA in Sustainability, with a focus on impact finance, at Bard’s Graduate Programs for Sustainability. A Kingston resident of 5 years, Lauren grew up in New Jersey and went on to live in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New York City before settling in the Hudson Valley. Her journey hasn’t been linear, beginning in the arts as a ballet and modern dancer, she’s worn many hats over the course of her career supporting mission-driven organizations through social and environmental impact movements and programs.