Hosted by Micah and Héléne

We were joined by Evan Pritchard. We speak about home and what it means, and how the wisdom of the past is being called on now to guide us into the future.

Evan Pritchard of MI’kmaq descent, has been conducting field interviews with Native American elders since 1990, and has been the director of Center for Algonquin culture for the last 24 years. A lecturer on native studies at Vassar, Pace, Marist, Columbia, SUNY, John Jay, University of Ontario, UMass, and Ramapough State, he has also presented at Gracie Mansion, AMNH, Smithsonian, and on line. This year he will present a retrospective of his work at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries (Clarkson U) , followed by a presentation for Friends of Peebles Island.  He has written over fifty books on native culture, history, and spirituality, including Native New Yorkers; Henry Hudson and the Algonquins(Chicago Review Press); Bird Medicine (Inner Traditions/Simon and Schuster); Native American Stories of the Sacred(Turner Books) and No Word For Time (Millichap). He has lectured frequently on The Way of the Heron, a body of traditional Algonquin knowledge about conflict resolution and trust building. He has published many original maps of  Native American settlements in the Hudson Valley, and was featured in Ted Timreck’s film Hidden Landscapes. He has appeared on dozens of radio stations including WBAI, and WNYC, and appeared as a featured guest on CNN, ABC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and on Roger Hernandez’  90 minute special “Touring Native New York” on Manhattan Cable. He can be reached at