Hosted by Helene Lesterlin

We start with the words of the poet Bayo Akomolafe, and go wide from there: into ways that the capitalist view of money and wealth requires a us to form a response that comes from a sense of our connection to each other and the earth, a commitment to generosity, and seeing wealth as community-wide rather than something to accumulate individually. Alexie’s work keeps being drawn to the intersection of sacredness and social justice; her words remind us that it is possible to forge another way. 

“May this new decade be remembered as the decade of the strange path, of the third way, of the broken binary, of the traversal disruption, the kairotic moment, the posthuman movement for emancipation, the gift of disorientation that opened up new places of power, and of slow limbs.”

- Bayo Akomolafe

Alexie Torres-Flemming

Her name means “Defender of Humankind” and that has been her destiny path. She was raised in the South Bronx during one of the darkest times in NYC’s history, but longed for others to see beyond that story to the beauty and sanctity of her community. In 1994, she founded Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice where she organized with young people and community residents on issues from policing, to education and environmental justice. A cornerstone of her work was the reclamation of the Bronx River which was highly industrialized and inaccessible to her community. She co-founded the Bronx River Alliance, which today continues the work of protecting the river. Alexie’s journey has taken her to places she never imagined as a child of Boriken, her ancestral homelands. She has spoken around the world about the sacred work of justice and protecting the most vulnerable among us. She served the Obama administration as an appointee to the President’s Advisory Council for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships and was also a 2014 Harvard University Loeb Fellow. She has spent the last decade in philanthropy serving as Executive Director of various family foundations. She believes that the work of social justice is a holy calling and has recently launched The Soul of the Movement Fund to support the work of healers and wisdom carriers in social movements. This vision to defend what is sacred in the struggle for justice is what led her to Jubilee Gift where she serves as Co-Creator and Managing Director. Jubilee Gift joins together with wealth holders, entrepreneurs, and wisdom keepers, to break from the economic and financial models we have known, to transmute financial capital into a flow that enables everyone’s gifts, and to build the spiritual ballast we are going to need as the world radically changes shape.