Hosted by Helene Lesterlin

Kate Stryker and Elka Gotfryd are bringing a new kind of planning process to brownfield sites in midtown Kingston, one that centers the needs and ideas of community members as empty lots are identified, remediated, and offered to developers. Under the auspices of Pattern for Progress, they will be acting as community activators and intermediaries to ensure that land use and reuse remains grounded (pun!) in justice and equity.

Urban planner by trade, Elka believes planning as a field can be leveraged to right our relationships with land and labor. When she isn’t working on housing or economic policy research, she can be found practicing the accordion, refusing to follow a recipe / whipping up something irreplicable from whatever’s in the fridge, or outdoors in failed attempts to train her husky to heel.

As a planner, Kate seeks to facilitate processes in which communities have agency and collaboratively create equitable solutions with future generations in mind. Kate experiences daily joy at the wonder of the world with her six-year-old daughter and lives in Beacon.