Hosted by Helene & Aja

Nathaniel gives us an overview of the micro-college program Free Columbia has been focused on recently and how he got there. We get into what he means by aesthetic education and why it is a needed antidote to the dominance of theoretical, scientific, impersonal strategies that result in extraction, siloing of issues, and disconnection. Also, who is M.C. Richards? She is a guiding light for the work of Free Columbia (and we feel like we need to read her book Centering: In Pottery, Poetry and the Person).

Nathaniel Williams is originally from the South East, growing up in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. He studied visual art and marionette theater in Basel, Switzerland and completed a PhD in Political Theory at the University at Albany. In 2008 he co-founded Free Columbia, in Columbia County, NY, with the painter Laura Summer. He is currently active at Free Columbia helping to lead the M.C. Richards Program, a micro-college dedicated to independence and accessibility, focusing on arts and sciences through aesthetic education, contemplative inquiry and action research.