Hosted by Susan

Susan starts this interview with Terri - a former host of the Good Work Hour - with the idea of “dharma” as Suneel Gupta describes it: an inner flame, something that you are longing to express, something you can bring outside yourself to light up the world around you. It takes practice to recognize this in your life when we may not have been taught to notice and listen to our inner stirrings, or because we are so familiar with them that we discount their value or importance. Terri has learned that expressing her dharma is connected to joy and a sense of well-being. Reflecting on her diverse work background, she’s noticed being looked to as a confidant across many different contexts. Holding space for colleagues to “sink into their humanity and drop their masks,” Terri draws on her ease in creating connection and expressing empathy. Expressing this dharma is a satisfying exercise in mutual authenticity. Colleagues access a space for real engagement and experience relief from their sense of confusion or overwhelm. Connecting with what’s common across distinct struggles, Terri is able to be who she fully is, honor her own humanity, and strengthen her own “human journey.” A caring and sacred worldview doesn’t entertain “othering,” takes responsibility for how one shows up, and recognizes all things as interconnected: what I do and don’t do impacts others. I’m a part of all that is and it’s a part of me. 

Terri Hall is People & Culture Director at BlackStar Projects, a Philadelphia-based, Black-led, film centric arts organization that creates the spaces & resources needed to uplift the work of Black, Brown, & Indigenous artists. Prior to joining BlackStar, Terri worked m as Co-Executive Director at Good Work Institute (GWI), a worker self-directed nonprofit focused on advancing just transition in NY’s Hudson Valley region. While living in the HV, Terri also worked at Omega Institute, first as an independent contractor in their development department, and later as their Women’s Leadership Center’s Community Engagement Specialist. A native of NYC, Terri brings to all she does a diverse background including the professional worlds of acting and dance (Nanette Bearden Contemporary Dance Theater), public television and radio (Thirteen/WNET – Great Performances Music, Dance in America, Travels; Children’s Television Workshop – Ghostwriter; Integrated Media Association), and film post-production (DuArt Film & Video), along with a broad love for community, connection, equity, justice, and liberation. She’s a graduate of the University of Michigan and enjoys the comforts of home, musical theater, long walks, and travel and culinary adventures.