Hosted by Micah

Joined by Ronald Zorrilla, founder and CEO of Outdoor Promise. Ronald tells us of a transformative experience being in the woods for the first time as a child, which would forever change his life.

Outdoor Promise's mission to increase access to outdoor recreation for families and youth is rooted in the certainty that we cannot ask people to protect a nature they have not experienced. An educated, empowered, and inspired community is the key to a healthy planet. In addition to his work with Outdoor Promise, Mr. Zorrilla currently serves on the City of Newburgh Conservation Advisory Council. He has contributed to creating The Carbon Almanac, a powerful tool to learn about climate change and how we can each make an impact. He has also served on the boards of the Greater Newburgh Parks Conservancy and the Downing Park Planning Committee and represented City of Newburgh Residents on the Stewart Air National Guard Restoration Advisory Committee. He is also a volunteer instructor for the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Center for Outdoor Learning and Leadership, where he continues to grow environmental literacy amongst youth workers and teachers seeking to improve their outdoor program planning and facilitation skills.

Mr. Zorrilla lives in Newburgh with his wife, Ashley, and daughter, Olivia Rose, where they spend time adventuring in the great outdoors.
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