Hosted by Micah

The Just Transition movement originally came out of the labor movement and climate justice work. It was addressing the issue of transitioning to greener jobs while making sure that coal workers are not left behind. It expanded to a broader framework as the intersection of injustices and the work needed to address them required deeper solutions. On this episode of the Good Work Hour, our guests Frankie Lede and Cal Trumann of the Mid-Hudson Regional Clean Energy Hub talk about the work happening in New York State to move towards clean energy, what the goals are and how we are meeting them, but importantly the justice that is necessary for this transition to truly be effective.

To find out more, please visit Mid-Hudson Energy Choices. You can also call the hotline at 845-6050580.

Cal and Frankie are both incredible resources:

Frankie Lede -
Community Energy Advisor
Cornell Cooperative Extension

Cal Trumann (they/them) -
Education & Careers Coordinator