In this show, we hear from Stephen Blauweiss whose love of local history and storytelling began as a child in New York City, grew into a career in design and film, and is now focused on the Hudson Valley. He shares reminisces of 1970s-80s NYC, describes his current work, and talks about ongoing and emerging projects that illuminate the history of Kingston through the lens of archival materials and interviews with current residents. His call to action for all of us: become a chronicler of your own history!

Stephen Blauweiss is an independent filmmaker, historian, graphic designer, teacher and author. A native of Manhattan and Hudson Valley resident since 1999, he illuminates a wide variety of subjects, from art and education and history to social and environmental issues, using films, gallery exhibitions, books and theatrical events. He is currently working on a coffee-table book that gathers over 850 images called The Story of Historic Kingston: A Journey Through the Hudson Valley and its Connections with New York City

View a selection of Stephen's 100+ short films and learn more about his work at

Co-hosts: Terri and Hélène (GWI Worker Trustees)

Photo credit: Jim Rice