Hosted by Helene and Aja

We start with our favorite summer cooling beverages and then get into the wilds of crypto, complementary currencies, and the tech platform that Fennie Wang is currently building to bridge between digital payments, guaranteed income, local economic networks, and community banks. We define terms and imagine what a future of resilient, interconnected local economies could look like.

Fennie Wang is the founder and CEO of Humanity Cash, a technology company building a platform for any community to issue their own local currency in partnership with community banks. Humanity Cash's projects include digitizing the local currency BerkShares in Berkshires County, Massachusetts and Hudson Valley Currents in Kingston, New York. Humanity Cash is also working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on developing a local currency-based guaranteed income research pilot. The goal of the pilot is to study the economic multiplier effect of guaranteed income programs, and fiscal stimulus and cash transfer policies generally, when disbursed as local dollars that directly support small businesses.