Hosted by Helene Lesterlin

We talk about all things worker co-op! Nina's perspective on the power of worker cooperatives to drive economic power for people who are often in precarious jobs is inspiring; listen to how she has been supporting a more just and collaborative approach in everything she does.

Nina Stender is a mixed-race Chinese and Jewish-American woman who was raised abroad in Hong Kong and is now rooted in the Hudson Valley. Nina’s work is geared towards building a just and sustainable political economy– at the Democracy at Work Institute, Nina manages the Rapid Response Cooperative Development Project, which creates pathways to entrepreneurship and stable, career-building work for immigrants and other excluded workers. She is currently completing her Graduate Certificate in Workplace Democracy and Community Ownership at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies. Locally, Nina serves on the board of the Kingston Food Co-op and organizes with the Mid-Hudson Valley DSA.