Co-hosted by Helene and Terri

On this full moon show, Terri and Helene are joined by Kelly Jennings and François Demange, who are healers, community builders, who are launching the Sacred Ways Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the resilience of indigenous medicine traditions all over the world, through direct funding to indigenous medicine families.

Dr. Kelly Jennings is dedicated to the evolution of our collective consciousness and culture through profound individual and group healing experiences. She has an integrative healthcare practice and serves to support people in their awakening, and to connect to and source the healing power of nature. She's a naturopathic doctor, Chinese medicine and Qi Gong practitioner, and is also informed by two decades of ritual practice and training with indigenous grandmothers and healers from the Mayan, Mexica, and Quechua traditions. Her work is driven by one question: How are we becoming the elders our children are waiting for?

François Demange is a well-known and highly regarded practitioner in the indigenous healing traditions from the Amazon, the Andes, and the Native American plains. As a Reiki Master and healer he helps people connect to Spirit and the invisible power of Nature and teaches on how to integrate indigenous teaching into daily life. Today he dedicates himself to bridging shamanic traditions and modern contemporary culture – creating a distinctive approach to self and collective awakening. François founded Sacred Ways Foundation as a way to practice Reciprocity with keepers of indigenous healing traditions.