Hosted by Helene Lesterlin

Michael Slaby is a big systems thinker. We start with how he stays grounded in this time of instability, both seasonal and global, with a simple daily ritual. From there we travel out into what we mean by “the commons,” how we actually thrive as a social species, and what the promise of the “digital commons” might be. Public space and civic engagement are required for democracies, but how do we navigate their intersection with digital space?

Michael Slaby focuses on how values, systems, strategy, and technology drive movements and organizations. He is currently senior strategist at Murmuration working on expanding the power and capacity of community-based civic engagement. Michael is also a student of social ethics and social justice at Union Theological Seminary in New York. Previously, he was senior strategist and head of community at Harmony Labs where he worked on accelerating media reform and transformation. He founded and was head of mission of Timshel—a social impact technology company and was a fellow at the Shorenstein Center at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Michael helped lead the Obama for America campaign as chief integration and innovation officer in 2012 where he oversaw all technology and analytics, and as deputy digital director and chief technology officer in 2008. Michael is also the author of For ALL the People -- his first book on the relationship between media, technology, and our civic life. He has served as an advisor and board member to initiatives including the United Nations, the U.S. State Department, I AM ALS.