Hosted by Helene Lesterlin

Kai Lord-Farmer is well positioned to see the first emergent stages of experiments in affordable housing. He has a background in urban planning and a keen interest in how we might address the rising cost of living in the region. In this show, Kai goes through a variety of approaches that might challenge you to think about private property and housing challenges in new ways.

Kai Lord-Farmer is currently a Senior Planner working on affordable housing at the Ulster County Planning Department. He is a city and transportation planner focused on social and workforce housing, land use and transportation policy, climate action planning, and climate adaptation. Kai grew up in Ulster County and is happy to call the Hudson Valley his home again after beginning his career in California. He strives to practice an equitable and innovative community planning process focused on long-term sustainable solutions for the 21st Century and beyond. Kai has also served as a member of the community fund design group, facilitated by GWI, that has been convening since last summer to design a community fund for the benefit of the people of Kingston. To contact Kai, visit the Ulster County Planning Department website.


Democratizing Development and Preservation of Affordable Housing

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