Hosted by Helene and Terri

We kick off with a quick foray into utopias, talking about Ursula Le Guin’s reflections on whether we have been missing the balance of yin in our society’s rush towards the future with almost exclusive yang energy. Then we welcomed GWI Fellow Johnny LeHane, to share his journey, from growing up as a kid in the Hudson Valley with a dad at IBM, to his adventures in tech in Washington DC, to his many projects serving the Hudson Valley entrepreneurship ecosystem in recent years, including now at the Hudson Valley Center for Innovation

Johnny LeHane is what we call a “serial entrepreneur” having collaboratively started at least three businesses including: WAKA, a national sports community business; CO, a cooperative coworking space in Rhinebeck; and the Hudson Valley Startup Fund, where he launches and leads angel funds investing in early-stage companies. He currently serves as Head of Research and Development at the HV Center for Innovation where he helps empower entrepreneurs to advance the resiliency and sustainability of local economies. In all that he does, he designs and develops effective business solutions, while bringing people of diverse backgrounds and philosophies together to achieve common goals.