Hosted by Micah

Tonight's show featured Nikki Chung, who from a young age found the outdoors to be a safe haven. She channeled this love and connection throughout her life and now brings others out on hikes and spaces to tap into something greater.

Nikki Chung, M.S., is the Founder of As One Flight, LLC, where she advocates for holistic wellness through transformative hiking experiences. With a background in Environmental Science and a NYS Licensed Hiking Guide, Nikki combines her passion for nature with her dedication to empowering individuals on their wellness journeys.
As a mom of three and a professional herself, Nikki understands the challenges of balancing daily life. She believes in the transformative power of nature to ground us, foster mindfulness, and prioritize our well-being. For Nikki, self-care is the best service, and she sees nature as a powerful tool for tapping into our inner being and contributing to a collective impact in the world.

With As One Flight, LLC, Nikki aims to share the transformative power of the outdoors, fostering connection, mindfulness, and growth. Through guided meditation hikes, journaling, and nature-based techniques, she creates solo and group experiences that offer a journey of self-release, renewal, and rejuvenation, transforming one lifestyle at a time.

"As One Flight" embodies our collective commitment to personal growth, the enrichment of future generations, and the well-being of all living creatures. Nikki believes in standing as catalysts of change, forging paths toward a future where we thrive as our best selves, creating lasting impacts that extend far beyond our physical steps on the trails.