Hosted by Helene

Have you come to your senses today? What is the most intriguing smell you have ever experienced? Can you identify this sound? What happens when you close your eyes, here, now? Micah is our guest in a topsy-turvy role switch, and we discuss how awareness, how being in touch with your senses, is a way to build your capacity for action and empathy.

Micah is a Worker Trustee at the Good Work Institute (and a host of this show!). In an past bio, he has said the following and he stands by it to this day:

“I do the work that I do because I believe that we are each the social architects of our society. So we can manifest whatever it is we choose and in fact, we do. I see choice as the only force in the universe. I am an artist and though my work is only occasionally in tangible form, my life is my art.

The way I walk, talk, move and breathe is my expression. I believe in living in possibility, and want to prove to my kids that anything is possible, even world peace. Anything is possible. I believe that we are moving towards oneness. I work to unify where there is division. I work selfishly to expand my own definition of self till I can act selfishly and towards the good of the universe simultaneously knowing that they are one and the same.”