Hosted by: Micah

Joined by Martha Williams & John Scilipote of BreakBread World, we dive deep into the need and beauty of intentionally held space to eat and converse together as a community.

Martha Williams & John Scilipote, are Kingston-based conversation activists, culture-makers & the developers of BreakBread World and Embodied Conversation. Both are committed to helping reweave our common humanity through conversation activism, facilitation, facilitation design, experience making, and when the time and space allow, multidisciplinary art. They believe we are in a time of great disconnection, untethered from the natural rhythms of life and that retethering is paramount for our healthy evolution. This is what all their work is about.

BreakBread World is a contemplative conversation process usually over food that gets below the surface and builds cultures of collaboration and care by subverting the din of distraction and small talk. They have facilitated hundreds of BreakBread experiences since its inception in 2020 and work with friends, neighbors, communities, as well as non-profit organizations and businesses to transform their communities. Martha has had a long career as a choreographer, filmmaker and creative director as well as working in coaching, facilitation, and sustainability. John’s career spans owning a record label and digital marketing agency while raising a family. He also studied and practices nondual healing, meditation, yoga, is a Master Soulful Facilitator and spent 30 years supporting men’s soulwork in groups and retreats.