Hosted by Micah

Joined by Melissa McGill, we talk about art, and it being a practice of Just Transition and what it means to be in right relationship and what Melissa means by the word intervention.

Melissa is known for collaborative, ambitious site specific public art projects and a vibrant studio practice. Her projects are site-specific, immersive experiences that explore nuanced conversations between land, water, sustainable traditions, and the interconnectedness of all living beings. At the heart of her work is a focus on community, meaningful shared experiences and lasting positive impact. Spanning a variety of media including performance, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, sound, light, video and immersive installation, McGill has presented both independent public art projects and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally since 1991. She lives in Lenapehoking (Beacon, New York).

You can view her work at her website and follow her latest project Lifeline: A Water Storytelling Project.

You can also follow her on Instagram @melissamcgillstudio