Continuing our theme of National Poetry Month, we have local spoken-word performer and Apocalypse Poet, Noah David Roberts. We’re also exploring poetry and Black expression, leaping from the slave narrative to the Roaring Twenties and the Harlem Renaissance. And, since March is also International Women’s Month, were going to look at some of the shared experiences of women all over the world and women in our lives, and the contributions, thereof. And we’ll do it, as ever, with a sweet, sweet soundtrack.

Coffee And Green Tea Moment:

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Black Women Hold The Key To Inspiring Change

Smiley Times with The Apocalypse Poet:

Noah David Roberts' book of poetry, "Us Vs. Them" He also hosts "Voiceless Readings" at The Greenkill Gallery, 229 Greenkill Avenue, Thursdays at 8PM. Upcoming: he will also be at Kingston's Redstart Café.

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