Host Hillary Harvey interviews Lorraine Farina of the City of Kingston's Conservation Advisory Council on wood smoke pollution

More resources:

The American Lung Association position paper on woodburning:
A list of 17 reasons to ban woodburning from a public health standpoint, compiled by Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment:
One of the most thorough websites on the topic, including peer-reviewed studies: Doctors and Scientists Against Woodsmoke Pollution.   (This includes a very good short video on the title page that explains how burning wood in a neighborhood is a health threat.):
The Kingston City Conservation Advisory Council's Air Quality page:
The brochure produced by the CAC AQ subcommittee:
A little-known fact:   Woodsmoke pollution contributes significantly to climate change--it produces "black carbon", which "forces" artic ice melt. Many international groups (including the UN World Meteorologial Organization) have called for an end to woodburning in the developed world as a means to effect RAPID climate change effect reversal: