On tonight's show we talked with Lisa Royer C0-Founder of Rise Up Kingston, and our new Criminal Justice Organizer!

Lisa Royer Wednesday Walks for Black Lives (June 3)



Lisa Royer Co Founder of Youth For Change

Youth For Change Community Organization


Youth For Change is a youth led space for CommUNITY members to unlearn all the harmful false, outdated information we were taught over the years. Also learn new ways to interact, to support one another & show up for change thru joy and healing!

Lisa Royer 

Rise Up Kingston’s Criminal Justice Organizer






Lisa feels the most rewarding part of her work is amplifying the voices of those most impacted, listening to the stories of pain, trauma, and fear from her neighbors and offering them the opportunity to come together to seek change and to make their voices heard on issues that have affected them and their families. also by building real city, statewide, and national power to demand fundamental, systematic change. She believes that the strongest resistance to racialized capitalism comes when groups from all class and race backgrounds show up together in solidarity under the leadership of those most oppressed.