Tonight on Radio Hour at 8 PM: Join Jesse as she talks with Sophie Strand. Sophie is a poet, historical-fiction writer, and essayist based in the Hudson Valley with a focus on the intersection of spirituality and ecology. She has three chapbooks: Love Song to a Blue God (Oread Press) and Those Other Flowers to Come (Dancing Girl Press) and The Approach (The Swan). Her first book of essays The Flowering Wand: Lunar Kings, Lichenized Lovers, Transpecies Magicians, and Rhizomatic Harpists Heal the Masculine is forthcoming from Sacred Planet Books (Inner Traditions). Her writing has been published by The Dark Mountain Project,, Unearthed, Braided Way Magazine, Creatrix Magazine, Your Impossible Voice, The Doris, Persephone’s Daughters, and Entropy. And you can continue to follow her work and poetry on Facebook or Instagram: cosmogyny. We'll also hear music from Globelamp, Mail The Horse, The Sci-Flies, Aubrey Haddard, and Shilpa Ray.