TO+NIGHT on the O+ Radio Hour at 8pm on Radio Kingston: Lindsey Wolkowicz will be joined by Lauren Aitken and Chase Folsom from Headstone Gallery. Headstone INC was founded in Kingston, NY in the spring of 2022. The 1,200sq ft gallery space on Hurley Avenue was created by artists Lauren Aitken and Chase Folsom. The gallery is deeply committed to their artists' ideas, processes, finished works, sales, and livelihoods providing them with a beautiful contemporary space and necessary support to help them foster and fulfill their artistic vision. They believe that the arts should be equitable and accessible to anyone who would like to engage. Through artist exhibitions they hope that Headstone can collectively bring people together, create community, expand connections and become an engaging and diverse melting pot of artists, creatives, collectors, and community members. The image shown is "A Conversation Between a Rock and a Mist" by Ashley Eliza Williams from the forthcoming Headstone Gallery exhibition Urgent Beings opening July 2, 2022. We will also hear music from Mirah, Tiny Blue Ghost, Bitch, Toebow and Gracie and Rachel.