Founded in 2018, Celebrate 845 aims to provide a platform and opportunity for marginalized creatives to share their work and to create space for the community to come together, share experiences via the arts, and learn from one another while centering those who are underrepresented, populations including but are not limited to: women, people of color, queer folx, trans folx, nonbinary folx, disabled folx, poor folx, etc. Over time, they have expanded their mission to be more intersectional and include more people, and firmly believe that we are mightier when we are together.

In this episode, we are joined by Celebrate 845 founder, Jamie Sanin, who is a visual artist, educator, and organizer living in Kingston, and Sasa Sa, a queer artist, activist, and costume designer, also in Kingston.

PLUS: Queerstory Lessons with Kenneth Felts, new stories from How Life Is: Queer Youth Animated, and music by Bad Bad Hats, Courtney Barnett, Jill Scott, and more....