On this episode of Let's Talk, Kingston, we got to listen to Ann Hutton talk about how she came to the Hudson Valley and how she became connected with Circle of Friends for the Dying (CFDHV). Something that came up throughout the show is the reality that, we all die. Normalizing conversation around Death and end-of-life can help to create more well-rounded relationships in our community and with our loved ones where we can live more fully and spaciously when we know that we are supported around this topic that continues to hold a stigma. Let's work to de-stigmatize this topic /conversation!

Circle of Friends for the Dying was established in 2012 to “create and oversee a safe and comforting residence for people in need of a home and primary caregiver during their final months.”

We learned about the powerful and amazing stories of the co-founders and how their passion and drive for the work has grown CFDHV into such a powerful organization with thoughtful intentions. Ann and I chatted about their Death Cafe events, Advanced Directive Workshops and how you can get involved with Circle of Friends for the Dying in volunteer capacities!

You can always donate here and check out this list of ways that you can volunteer your time to support their efforts and our community members:

Painting - Cleaning - Maintenance of Property - Renovation Work - Fundraising Skills - Grant Writing - Board Membership - Technical Support - PR / Communications

The next Death Cafe is taking place on August 18th, 7 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. via Zoom. Check back for details on the in-person version of this event taking place at People's Place.

Click to learn more about Advance Care Planning.


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