We had a blast with our debut show today.  Our first guests, Kingston Mayor Steve Noble, spoke, among other issues, about the efforts to diversify a police force where only 1 out of 73 officers speak Spanish. Ivan Lajara, a Daily Freeman senior journalist spoke to us about the profession and the state of the printing media. Jose Villa, the proprietor of the Mexican restaurant Casa Villa, spoke of what it takes to run a restaurant and gave some tips to his fellow restauranteurs on how to improve their chances to remain in the business. Emma Kreyche, a defender of workers and immigrants rights from the Worker Justice Center, spoke about the services her institution offers to workers who have been abused or robbed from their compensations.    And last, but not least,  entrepreneur and La Super Latina FM radio celebrity Humberto Rodriguez Maya, also known as "El Morris", spoke about how he entered the world of radio, which, by the way, will amaze you and make you release that good things come from unexpected bad experiences.

We have a similar number of guests and our themes for the day are Politics and Health. We'll see you again. Catch us right here, in Radio Kingston 1490 AM, from 10 am to noon.