Good Monday friends! Today at La Voz with Mariel Fiori is business and wellness day.

A new workers' rights policy was announced Friday by US Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, and I hosted a roundtable discussion with immigrant workers and organizers to get their reaction. I was accompanied by Juan Segundo and Janet Hernández of Obreros Unidos de Yonkers; Katia Valderrama of the Community Resource Center; and by Nadia Marin, co-director of the National Day Laborers Network. For help you can contact the Westchester Labor Alliance at (917) 579-9048.

In addition, we met the Venezuelan journalist Antonio Espejo, who lent his voice to the Spanish version of the poem Invictus that Nelson Mandela recited in prison, and whose production earned him the award for Best Motivational Video of the Year, from the Communicator Awards.