Good Wednesday friends! Today on La Voz with Mariel Fiori is education and family day.

Holistic psychologist Dora Inés Grosso García invited us to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Samadhi, an organization that helps people get out of addiction. The party will be this Sunday 1 to 7pm, at the Andy Murphy Center, with free food from local chefs and restaurants, activities for the whole family, live music, and inspiring speakers. Samadhi's motto is "The opposite of addiction is human connection."

Emily Kerr-Finell, founder of Briico, invites you to participate in a program that helps you start a profitable and completely legal micro-business in 30 days or less. The Briico Business Program is free and you can also get $200 to start your business. Applications are accepted until May 25, at or by WhatsApp at 845-202-0650.

The job hits at Sullivan County for the prestigious New York State Public Health Corps (NYSPHC) Scholarship Program and Erica Acedevo, Community Health Coordinator told us the details.

Furthermore, in his column Beyond the News, teacher Duane Stilwell spoke of immigration as political theater, within the framework of the infamous discriminatory provision of Arizona's SB 1070 "show me your documents" law, which will be in that state's ballots in the November elections.