Good Friday friends! Today in La Voz with Mariel Fiori is immigration and culture day.

Today marks a new anniversary of the last military dictatorship in Argentina, the so-called National Reorganization Process, which began on March 24, 1976 and ended on December 10, 1983, which established a systematic plan of State terrorism, which it included theft of babies —with the concealment of their true identity— and the disappearance of people. I shared a bit of that story and another related historical event: the Trial of the Argentine military Juntas of the dictatorship, due to the serious and massive human rights violations committed systematically as part of their repressive plans. The trial had great international significance and especially for the region, where similar dictatorships ruled at the continental level by the Condor Plan, which committed crimes against humanity in a systematic and planned manner from the highest levels of power. The trial placed Argentina in a vanguard position in the fight to achieve respect for human rights. This trial is the central theme of the highly recommended film Argentina 1985. We say Never Again.

From our archives, we bring you an interview with Valencian author and journalist Mayte Aparisi Cabrera who told us about her historical non-fiction novel, Los Ruidos de la Noche, which follows the hundred-year trajectory of an Argentine immigrant family, focusing on the years of the last military dictatorship.

In addition, journalist Amy Goodman said that twenty years after the US invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration's lies are still claiming lives.