Today in La Voz with Mariel Fiori is Monday of business and wellbeing. Salvadoran merchant Rigoberto Barahona told us about his adventures in the business world, with BGB Multiservice, where he prints t-shirts and helps with the accounting of local businesses.

Karen from Made in Kingston, talked about what to expect from this event happening this Thursday, 3 to 8pm, at BSP. More information here:

Diana Zuckerman, Amnesty International Coordinator for the Hudson Valley, invited us to events for the well-being of humanity. Zuckerman said that tomorrow at the Everette Hodge Center, 5:45 to 8pm, there will be a very important dinner and conversation about the money that the state of New York owes to our schools. She also invited us on Sunday, December 8, to Rough Draft to write letters for the human rights of ten jailed activists around the world. For more information you can visit