Good Wednesday friends! Today in La Voz con Mariel Fiori is a day of education, family, work and victory! Yesterday the New York immigrant community proved, once again, that unity is strength, and the organization was a great push to get the fund for excluded workers approved. It's possible! I spoke with Nelson, a member of the Columbia Sanctuary Movement and Elvia Garcia, CCSM Community Organizer about it.

Maru González from RUPCO came to announce that there are 66 affordable apartments for people over 55 in the city of Kingston and explained to us that the deadline to apply for housing at Landmark Place is May 23rd.

In addition, work knocks the Los Hornitos bakery and its owner, Mónica Correa Lorca, said that she is looking for a full-time pastry assistant for her Wappinger Falls location. You are interested, call her at (845) 298-8683.

And as if that were not enough, the Mexican consulate is in Poughkeepsie from April 6 to 10 and Enrique Delgado, in charge of the mobile consulates, said that passport, consular registration and voter registration card are issued to about 100 to 120 people per day. Appointments for Poughkeepsie are no longer available at this time, but place-holders will open for the New Rochelle and Queens mobile consulate in a week. Place-holders can also be made at the consulate in Manhattan, which serves about 360 people a day, on Monday of each week, for place-holders the following week.