Good Tuesday friends! Today in La Voz con Mariel Fiori is a day of politics and health. Tatiana Rojas told us how her vaccination against COVID-19 went and why she decided to take that step.

In his column Dignity for everyone, Cristian Ávila, legal assistant at the Center for Workers' Justice, introduced us to José Barragán and his lawsuit against Rosann Landscape. Attorney Maureen Hussein explained that part of the success of this case is that it was a class action lawsuit where 82 workers settled for more than a million dollars in stolen wages. If you worked at Rosann Landscape between 2011 and February 2019, you may be able to receive the money owed to you. For more information, call Ávila at (845) 331-6615 x 1005.

Puerto Rican professor Isar Godreau, one of the authors of The Anti-racist Guide for Hispanic Journalists in the United States, explains the reasons and some of the advice in the Guide that we should all read.

And journalist Amy Goodman brings us her political opinion column.