Good morning friends! Today in La Voz con Mariel Fiori is a day of business and well-being.

We were visited by the Mayor of the City of Kingston to answer questions from the audience and update us on city news. Steve Noble discussed what the City of Kingston is doing to ensure affordable housing, from rent control, a 10% affordable housing mandate for new projects, and new legislation on temporary rentals (like Airbnb). He also explained why the city has to collect back taxes on the homes it built and now in the hands of the Kingston Land Bank for their sale as affordable housing, and why the Kingstonian is an environmentally sustainable project.

In her Let's Talk About Economics column, Professor Martha Tepepa from the Levy Institute of Economics at Bard College spoke about social policies and discussed the example of the Ulster County Universal Basic Income pilot project that would provide $500 to 100 families in the county per month for a year.


Universal Basic Income Pilot Program

Ulster County will become one of the first counties in the country to undertake a full-scale universal basic income pilot program. This program will provide much needed financial assistance directly to families throughout the county. Through a partnership between Project Resilience, the Center for Guaranteed Income at the University of Pennsylvania, Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley, and Ulster Savings Bank, Ulster County will provide 100 qualifying households with direct aid payments of $500 per month during an entire year, all funded through the generosity of donations from the community.

Residents who wish to participate must have an annual income of $46,900 or less. To verify your eligibility and apply for the program, please complete a survey on by March 15th. Qualifying participants will be selected through a lottery system administered by the University of Pennsylvania.