Good Wednesday friends! Today at La Voz con Mariel Fiori is a day of education and family. You can record your greeting for La Guelaguetza virtual in this link.

In a round table conversation, via zoom and telephone, I spoke with Ignacio AcevedoRey Virgen MoralesJarin Virgen RiveraAlfredo Pacheco, and Amalia Pacheco, all former members of Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson, who in late summer 2019 left their positions as organizers or community volunteers due to disagreements with the organization's leadership. A year later, they created their own organization, Las Mejores Huellas de los Inmigrantes. What have they learned from that experience? What is their mission and what plans do they have with The Best Footprints of Immigrants? For more information, find the group in Facebook.

In addition, in her column I am all ears, psychologist Celina Pipman spoke of the physiological effects of stress.

Host and general producer: Mariel Fiori

Journalistic producer: Angélica Medaglia

Sound: Manuel Blas