Today in La Voz con Mariel Fiori is a day of entertainment and the environment.

I spoke with the Mexican Rafa Reyes, main actor of the play Sugar Skulls that is presented virtually at the Bardavon for free until November 13.

The Chilean violist Georgina Rossi has just released her first album, in homage to the memory of Juan Orrego-Salas and gave us all the details.

In her column, Let's Act for the Planet, journalist Angélica Medaglia spoke about Earth in three points: the sixth extinction, a declared Brownfield site in Kingston, and the ban on plastic bags in New York.

Additionally, SNAP Ed nutritionist Maria Vele taught us to eat well with little money. Vele gives workshops in English and Spanish, open to everyone and virtual. More information on their website or by phone at 914-261-6197.