Good Monday friends! Today we had a day dedicated to our second roundtable on Latinos and the Black Lives Movement. Why should we care about this topic? What does it mean to be anti-racist for a Hispanic? What do Latinos in the United States have to learn about racism? Don't they discriminate against us enough already? A roundtable not to miss, with: Diana Sánchez, Dreamer, with United We Dream, a member of the Yonkers sanctuary movement, and the Hudson Valley Community Coalition; Claudette Aldebott, Director of Equity and Inclusion Programs at Bard College; and Pastor Fernando Castro of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

In addition, Siddartha Sánchez had an important announcement for park lovers: this Wednesday at 6 p.m. all are invited to a public event via Zoom to talk about Quarry Waters Park, a new park with 520 acres that will open soon in Kingston. Scenic Hudson and other community groups will collaborate on the presentation of the Quarry Waters Park in this first public, bilingual event. It is an opportunity to share about this inspiring and complex landscape; and for the community a space is offered where to exchange ideas and stories. Sign up here.