Good mid-week friends! Today in La Voz with Mariel Fiori is Wednesday of education and family.

I spoke with Kwame Holmes, Professor at Bard College in the Human Rights program and the Bard Prison Initiative, about a housing study in the city of Kingston and the surprising results he found along with his group of students. The investigation on housing in the Midtown Kingston revealed that many residences are owned by Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs) and managed by NYC-based investment banks, making these the real owners of many of the properties in the area. For more information, email Holmes at Here's an article about it.

Change, the theme that holistic psychologist Dora Inés Grosso García explored today in La Voz with Mariel Fiori, is based on this article she wrote for La Voz magazine.

María Matos, specialist of the 2020 Census for the New York region, explained why we have to answer the census and gave the latest participation figures (unfortunately low). Census workers will begin knocking on the doors of those who have not yet answered the census as of August 11. Better to answer by phone, mail or online here.

We also answered nine frequently asked questions related to the latest DACA news, as collected by the National Center for Immigrant Justice.


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