Today in La Voz with Mariel Fiori is a day of politics and health.

I talked via zoom and Facebook live with the journalist Iván Lajara of the Daily Freeman newspaper about the latest news from local and state politics.

In addition, in the column Dignity for all Dolores Bustamante, agricultural worker and activist of the Divine Women group and of the National Alliance of Rural Women spoke about the situation of agricultural workers in the midst of the pandemic and the lack of federal support, for a job that is considered essential. If you can help them, donations are accepted at the Worker Justice Center of New York. More information at 845-331-6615.

Susanne Callahan, Vice President, Planning and Community Engagement, Institute for Family Health, and Dr. Martha Sánchez, Associate Medical Director, Kingston Health Center, Institute for Family Health, explained the step-by-step of report and address a possible case of COVID-19 in Ulster County. For a telemedicine appointment, please call 844 434 2778, or Kingston 845 338 6400. Everyone is served, regardless of immigration status or health insurance. More information on their webpage.

Journalist Amy Goodman offers her opinion on COVID-19 and racism.