Good Tuesday friends! Today in La Voz with Mariel Fiori is a day of politics and health.
We were visited by Micah Blumenthal, Chairman of the Board of Radio Kingston, and a member of several other organizations, and a trustee worker at the GWI, Shared Leadership Towards a Just Transition, to tell us the details of the community fund that is being created. This Thursday, 6 to 8 pm, all are invited to a bilingual meeting at Santa Cruz Church, 3o Pine Grove Avenue, where food will be offered, and the opportunity to contribute solutions and ideas to the most common problems of society.
Emma Kreyche of WJCNY and Diana López of For the Many told us about the Labor Justice Vigil and March to be held tomorrow Wednesday at 6pm in Kingston to call for an increase in the minimum wage and a bridge to the unemployment program.
In addition, journalist Amy Goodman wondered: From the Rosewood Massacre to Martin Luther King: where are we going?