Good Monday friends! Today at La Voz with Mariel Fiori is business and wellness day.

Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger stopped by to give us the latest county news and answer questions from the audience. Metzger discussed her proposal for a housing reserve fund and her favorable view on increasing the occupancy tax on hotels, motels, and short-term rentals from 2 to 4%, proposed by the county legislature, which would equal tax similar in neighboring counties; and to use that extra revenue in the housing reserve fund and public transportation. In addition, she advocated for the City of Kingston to approve the PILOT proposal so construction can begin on Golden Hill that would provide affordable housing for the homeless and retirees. She also agrees to give volunteer emergency services workers like firefighters and ambulances a 10% tax break on their property taxes. She also said that she understands the concern of the Ulster town supervisors but that the solution is not to end the county legislature, but to improve communication channels between the legislature and their respective towns on all fronts.

In addition, I spoke with Venezuelan Hugo Acosta, editor of the central New York newspaper CNY Latino, founded in 2004, about a new project.