Good Wednesday friends! Today in La Voz with Mariel Fiori is education and family day.

Vanessa Cid and Diana Lopez, from For the Many, told us about the allegations of mistreatment of immigrants in the Orange County jail. For the Many is calling for the release of all detained immigrants back to their communities and the termination of ICE's contract with the Orange County Correctional Center. They also urge the state Legislature to pass the New York for All Act, which would prohibit state and local officials from enforcing federal immigration law, sharing confidential information with ICE, and turning people over to ICE.

The case of xenophobia in the Wallkill School District school continues, and Ana Pélaez Reyes, mother, aunt and sister of students harassed for being of Mexican origin, speaks of the little response she received from the school district. Professor Eva Woods Peiró, co-founder of OnPAR (a group to stop racism in the Arlington school district), and Inaudy Esposito, Director of the Orange County Human Rights Office, helped us understand what our rights are in these cases, such as the DASA law (the Dignity for All Schools Act) and free therapy for racial trauma for assaulted youth. Esposito, who can help fill out the New York State Division of Human Rights complaint form, can be reached at

Also, in his column Beyond the Headlines, teacher Duane Stilwell discussed the war in Ukraine.